Ring-Speed Motorsport - Nurburgring Nordschleife Info

What is the Nürburgring ?


The Nürburgring is a unique circuit in the world, located in Germany , consists of two distinct sections , the Nordschleife and the GP - Strecke , which are sometimes combined for special events. It is located in the region of the Eifel Mountains , and some surrounding towns and villages, most notably the city of Nürburg , and the city of Adenau .



As the circuit is composed of ?


The circuit is made by the famous Nordschleife (also known as ' green hell ' or " Grüne Hölle " ), which is 21 km long and is popular among many groups of motoring , Playstation and Xbox Gamers and fans of Top Gear. The other part of the circuit is known as GP , which is used for the world of Formula 1 and the World SuperBike , and is the part of the circuit modernized . The two tracks can be combined with each other , thus forming a single circuit , and are joined for special events , such as the championship ' VLN ' and the 24 Hours of Nurburgring .



What is the best time to turn on the Nürburgring ?


The season normally starts at the beginning of March until the end of November, but this can change depending on the time . The track is still open outside of these months, but the opening hours can be unpredictable . The track is sometimes open on Christmas Day!

The other thing to consider is : When the weather gets warmer , more and more people visit the Ring. It gets very , very busy during the season , and it is not unusual to have a line of traffic on the track !

The Eifel region is green for a reason - it rains a lot . The track does not close for rain , so the sessions Touristenfahrten ( tourist circulation ) is open and our cars can be rented. The circuit is only closed for snow, or fog to take the findings of an accident. At the beginning or end of the season the weather is likely to be worse (rain, snow or fog ), but at the same time there is much less traffic - and it is a factor to take into consideration.

If it rains there is generally a lot less traffic on the runway, and normally there is no motion , which is a very big advantage ! So do not underestimate too quickly rainy days , since there are several benefits , and until you've done a few hundred rounds, it will make no difference to your driving experience - in fact, will help you learn the track faster!



In what times of the day I can drive on the circuit ?


The Nordschleife circuit is open to the public during the ' Touristenfahrten ' ( tourist circulation ) most weekdays from 17:00 until 19:30 and on weekends from 08:00 to 19:00 . Schedules change according to the seasons , so you anticipate or delay according to what time it gets dark . The opening hours are sometimes canceled at short notice due to other events on the Nordschleife , and the track can also close earlier if there is an accident .

During the day on weekdays the Nordschleife is used to ' pool Industry ' - that would be the test of the private automobile manufacturers who come to test their cars on the Nürburgring , so you will see many cars disguised that are developed at the 'Ring .

Even the GP track is available for ' Touristenfahrten ' ( tourist routes ) , although much less regularly than the Nordschleife .

You can check the opening hours at the following link : " Opening Hours of the Nurburgring ."

Often there are also a limited number of track-day , where you can drive with more security and peace of mind. For more information contact us.



What car can I drive my first time at the Nurburgring ?


The choice of car is very dependent on your experience at the wheel , the familiarity of the slopes in general , and your experience Nordschleife.Guidare on the Nordschleife is unlike any other circuit in the world. And ' dangerous and difficult . The experience of other circuits, or experience with a supercar on the road does not automatically make the safest on the Nordschleife .

Many serious accidents occur here in the early laps of the day, both experienced pilots and beginners have similar crash . As long as you do not know the circuit at 100%, you generally do not need more than 200 hp, such as our Ford Fiesta ST150 ( 160 hp , front-wheel drive with all the security stability control " ESP " ) . The bumps are always blind blind bumps , no matter how much power you have under the pedal . If you want to drive one of our fastest cars on your first visit to the Nurburgring , we can arrange special training days for some valuable lessons .



Weekdays or weekends ?


The weekends are usually very crowded . Sunday in particular. In a typical busy Sunday (or any day festive entire opening ) can form a queue from 11:00 onwards. The busiest days the queue to enter the car park will extend for about a mile in every direction, with about 45 minutes of waiting to get into the circuit .

A typical daily opening on Sunday at the Nordschleife Touristenfahrten ( tourist circulation ) goes like this :

- 08:00 : The track opens . It can sometimes open a little ' later , usually due to fog near Pflanzgarten .

- 09:00 to 11:00 : The track could close for the first serious accident or incident for children.

- 12:00 to 13:00 : It 's time to go to lunch ! The track is really crowded , there are between 200 and 400 cars, motorcycles and even coaches on the circuit at one time and probably another closure .

- 16:00 to 19:00 : The best time to run , because many tourists return home .

- 19:15 : The gate closes, you must go through the gate before 19:15 to make the final round .

With all this in mind , we ask those who want to rent our car in the morning to arrive early in order to be on track before 9am . For those who want to rent our cars in the afternoon should not be a problem to do all the laps scheduled , the last hour is the best !

Normally, the Nordschleife is open most afternoons on weekdays from 17:00 to 19:30. You can see many ' local ' in these openings .


Things to remember on the opening afternoon of 2 hours :


- Can be canceled at short notice . Sometimes an event is held previously to be held in late. Sometimes a manufacturer will pay a lot of money or a magazine to use the session for a test or for a lap time.

- For a serious accident you can close the track. If there are 100 cars waiting to go on the track , just that only one of them has a serious accident and the circuit will be closed. Often there is not enough time to re-open the circuit after cleaning the track following an accident.

- Often the openings are quieter on the Nordschleife . For all these reasons , the track can sometimes be deserted. If you plan to drive a weekday afternoon , try to stay here for a couple of days.



How do I get to the Nürburgring ?


The best way to get to the Nürburgring is to take anda flight to Frankfurt -Hahn Airport, or Cologne / Bonn and use our services, such as shuttle service and courtesy car. It takes about an hour to get to the Nurburgring , depending on the traffic conditions. Alternatively, you can take a taxi or the bus and train, but public transport is very difficult to use to arrive at the Nürburgring , and then you will have difficulties in moving around once you get here !



When can I make a hot lap in a taxi?


The rules of taxi on the Hot Lap have changed in recent years , today is allowed only during the track-day sessions or private - not in the openings to the public ' Touristenfahrten ' . But there are many dates available for you to do the Hot Lap , then please contact us and we will be happy to let you know when the next date!



Why should I do a trackday ?


There are many reasons - firstly , there is much less traffic , one third to one half of the traffic from the normal tourist routes ' Touristenfahrten ' . The people who are there during the track day are generally more experienced and know the track riding safely.

During the opening of tourist circulation ( Touristenfahrten ) anyone who can pay the price of the ticket and get on the track , usually without any knowledge of the track, the guide of a circuit, or safety information, nor the understanding of the rules of overtaking, etc. .


You can also make the rounds at their own pace , without the rush to do all the laps immediately for fear that the track closing prior to an incident ..



Can I make videos ?


During circulation vents tourist ' Touristenfahrten ' it is forbidden to video .


During the track-day it is possible to make videos .



Where is a good place to see / take pictures ?


There are a few good places around the Ring, the most popular place is Brunnchen , on the south-east of the ring, and on the main road from Frankfurt to Nürburg sula 412. The main car park is on the right side while driving to Nurburg, and it is likely that the first time you miss the igresso ! Not to worry , because only a couple of hundred meters later down the road there is another good point - called Pflanzgarten , with parking on the left, and much easier to spot! Alternatively, in the lower part of the circuit, about halfway there Breidscheid , just before Adenau .



What is the minimum age to rent a car at Ring- Speed Motorsport ?


The minimum age to drive our cars is 23 years, but you also need the right attitude . It also depends on the type of day (weather, traffic levels , trackday or less) and from their own experience , but also young drivers can drive our cars faster. But we must be sure that you are up to the task . We can do this by organizing some private driving course or support you at the wheel of our car with the " tutor" .



What kind of license do I need for hire a car from Ring-Speed Motorsport?


Ring-Speed Motorsport requires a valid driver's license B from your country of citizenship.


The international driving license is not required.