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BMW M3 E92 Coupè Nurburgring
BMW M3 E92 Coupè V8

BMW  M3  E92  Coupè  V8 






**  Soon available ...  **

Nissan 350Z Nurburgring
Nissan 350Z

Nissan  350Z  Coupè


Same basic recipe but with a distinct whiff of sporty character for our other top-of-the-range vehicle: six-gun normally-aspirated engine at the front and two huge driving wheels at the rear, yet with a different attitude: extra muscle coming from extra displacement, short wheelbase and an "old-school" behaviour, for drivers seeking physical involvement, an extra thrust on the steep uphill sections of the Nordschleife and...that exotic smell of burnt rear rubber so "big in Japan"

BMW M3 E46 for Rent
BMW M3 E46 3.2

BMW  M3  3.2  E46 Coupè


Monaco's finest and one of the worldwide acclaimed best sportscar ever, ready for you to bring along one of your best driving experiences: every bit in this car has been designed with one thing in mind...mastering the crests, the dips and the corners of the 'Ring with a perfect mix of power, grip and safety (with boredom-killer factor given by high speed). Suitable for expert drivers, who are looking for the highest level of man-machine interfacement.

BMW 330Ci stage 2 for rent
BMW 330Ci E46 Stage 2

BMW  330Ci  E46  Stage 2


This electric-blue beauty offers the same commitment and exciting dynamics of our "stage 1" coupe, with some extra spice courtesy of wider tyres shod on lightweight alloys, upgraded brakes, a free-breathing tuned-up engine and the right setup for who's looking after an immersive experience with the right amount of racing flavour...adaptable for everyone, this car asks for crisp driving lines and good driving technique, and in returns it offers a high dose of satisfaction!

BMW 330Ci Nurburgring
BMW 330Ci E46 Stage 1

BMW  330Ci  E46  Stage 1


A 231-horsepower hearted sportscar capable of satisfying the ambitions of clever driving even of the most experienced driver, thanks to its renowned inline-3-liter six cylinder engine and to its archetypal rear drive, which give to this car the right level of aggression and responsiveness: instantaneous accelerations sorted with a millimetric-precision steering…plainly, the best option for the Nordschleife and for tracks like the nearby Spa-Francorchamps

Renault Megane II RS
Renault Megane II RS

Renault  Megane  II RS


yellow-skinned, french-styled and no-nonsense performance wise: there it is, our front-wheel drive hot hatch!

A true paradigm shift in the world of high performance vehicles, this car is always ready to appear in the rear view mirrors

of the unaware high-end supercars: so, if you want extreme grip, ballistic acceleration out of corners and...have a look at 

baffled faces of the many drivers you will be overtaking, this "choix gourmande" on wheels is the right choice.

Volkswagen Golf V Gti Nurburgring
Volkswagen Golf V Gti

Volkswagen  Golf  V  Gti





**   Soon available...   **

Fiesta ST Nurburgring
Ford Fiesta ST150



A typical super-handling car, fit-for-purpose with wheels/tyres, track-tuned suspension, lively gear ratios and the 2-litre 150HP engine on a kerb weight slightly under 1000 kg… it may “just” seem a little blue cutie, but it can reward its driver with excellent driving and chrono feedback throughout the Nordschleife corners: if the Puma appetizer has left you wanting more, this is the right next level

Ford Puma 1.7 VCT 16v
Ford Puma 1.7 VCT 16v



Be "swifter" and smarter than the other entry-level cars available at the 'Ring with this lowered little front-wheel drive, which gives you its extra-bore elastic motor and an unexpected traction and handling as a welcome bonus: what better start for a happy introduction to this outrageous track!...and if you can give it the full beans, it has a potential of under 9 minutes BTG.

Price List:




Full Day


1/2 Day


2 Hours (Evening)

Laps MAX  ( Km MAX ) 12 Laps (250 Km) 6 Laps (150 km) 4 Laps (100 Km)  350 Km



Ford Puma 1.7 VCT 16v 420 € 280 € 200 € 600 €

35 €

Ford Fiesta ST150 389 € 259 € 189 € 589 €

35 €

BMW 330Ci Stage 1 599 € 399 € 269 € 999 €

50 €

BMW 330Ci Stage 2 699 € 449 € 284 € 1.149 €

60 €

VW Golf V GTi -- -- -- --


Renault Megane II RS 769 € 469 € 339 € 1.249 €

65 €

Nissan 350Z 799 € 499 € 299 € 1.299 €

80 €

BMW M3 E46 3.2 Coupè 999 € 649 € 449 € 1.499 €

80 €

BMW M3 E92 Coupè V8 -- -- -- --


This Prise not included fuel and laps.


For the package "alla inclusive" (with laps and fuel) prices on request.

In case of an accident, the driver is liable for an insurance excess up to 4.200 EUR for the Ford Puma 1.7,  4.500 EUR for the Ford Fiesta ST150,  6.500 EUR for the BMW 330Ci Stage 1,  8.000 EUR for the BMW 330Ci Stage 2,  9.000 EUR for the Renault Megane II RS, 14.000 EUR for the Nissan 350Z, 22.000 EUR for the BMW M3 E46 Coupè.

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